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Talks / Congresses / Live Streaming

We put at the service of evangelization free of charge the talks of our founder Marino Restrepo that have been recorded over the years in the different missions around the world and that constitute a source of formation and catechesis in accordance with the Magisterium of the Church and the sound doctrine. Marino preaches in English and Spanish and for all other languages ​​translators are used (eg: French, Croatian, Polish, German, Italian, Portuguese, Slovak, Czechoslovakian) among others.

EBOOKS and Paperback

Marino Restrepo has written 13 books, 10 in Spanish and 3 in English, of which several have been translated into numerous languages: French, Slovak, Polish, Portuguese, German, Croatian, Japanese, Korean, Lithuanian and Italian.

Both printed and digital books are available through Ebookit, Google Books, Amazon, Itunes, Barnes and Noble among others.

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